Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What happens when you forget to take photos

In the last week or so of May I was mostly working on a talk I had been invited to give at the University of Maryland Medical School Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. That's quite a mouthful! I did manage to fit in some fun times too, but for whatever reason I just didn't pull my camera out that week! So all of the pictures below were taken by N, and this gives me an opportunity to show some nice photos of his relating to previous posts. This is also a good point at which to mention that he took a couple of the photos in the previous post, so thank you to him!

I was kindly invited to join N's boss' wife and a couple of her local friends for lunch at The Ambassador, an Indian restaurant which do an amazing lunch buffet. I had a really lovely time and fun chats. Afterwards I took a walk around the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins which has lovely buildings and green spaces. I don't know why I didn't take any pictures there! Maybe because I felt like an intruder!

That Friday there was cause for celebration as several of N's colleagues found out they had been successful in their applications for some rather sizeable grants, enabling them to further their research. So I crashed their party and joined them for drinks and food over at Fells Point. I have no idea at which establishment we were, but we had a lovely evening sat outside in the balmy (that's a nice word for sticky!) air, enjoying sweet potato fries with a chocolate dip (genius!), crab dip, and salads. On the way home N and I stopped by Pitango Gelato, again! I can't remember which flavours I had on this occasion, this is why I should always take photos! I'm sure it was incredibly tasty though!

On the Saturday morning it was incredibly hot, but we suncreamed up and jumped on the light rail to meet N's boss and his little daughter at Druid Hill Park, a massive park with a lake. N and I saw our first Baltimore oriole (real life as opposed to baseball player!). Look how pretty!

N's boss had heard about some nesting yellow-crowned night herons (I'm hoping one of them will correct me if I'm wrong about this!), which could be seen over the river just outside the park, so we went to check them out and actually found them really easily!

After playing in the playground for a bit and having a decent walk (no sunburn woo!) we headed back in time for me to link in to the Lemons' Eurovision party (although poorly attended this year!) via Skype! That was so much fun! Although not as great as being there I was happy to be able to join in.

So here are some of N's photos:

An American robin (nowhere near as cute as our British robins, but they do have a pretty song)

Me with my first Pitango Gelato (my hair was so short!)

A real life pirate at Privateer Day:

N's massive milkshake at the Cheesecake Factory:

(OK, so I took this one, but it was on his camera)

And his key lime cheesecake, I so want to go back there!

More pictures (probably mostly of food) next time!

Oh and I feel that I should mention at this point that my talk went pretty well!


  1. Chocolate dip and chips?! Not sure if I'm a fan of that combination Gem Lemon! Though I have to say that cheesecake looks lovely :) xx

    1. But not potato chips, sweet potato chips, ie. yam, which is already sweet! They flavoured them with cinnamon and possibly some sugar, I can't quite remember, chocolate dip on the side, it was awesome! The cheesecake was amazing, I wish I could bring you all some! xxx