Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baltimore Part 8: Pirates in Fells Point, arrrrr

Our Friday nights became fun Fridays pretty quickly after N went back to work, first an evening of fun and games and Chinese food, then the following week I went and met N and his colleagues for a drink after work in Fells Point. Fun times and my first turkey burger with sweet potato fries (yummy!) was followed by a beautiful evening walk home all along the water's edge. We even spotted a Welsh flag!

And we had our first taste of Pitango Gelato, sooooo good! This was spicy chocolate and passionfruit:

The next day saw us head back to Fells Point for Privateer Day. This was a fun pirate-themed day with lots of dressing up and boats and pirate bands!

Me with some pirates, enjoying the band:

Proper pirate costumes:

Lady pirates:

Even the animals made the effort!

This dude was the coolest:


The next day we hopped on the bus up to the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus for their spring fair, but it was tipping it down with rain and unfortunately by the time we got there it was a washout and everyone was packing up, so no pictures from there I'm afraid. But we still managed a nice little outing by heading to a Barnes & Noble and browsing the books for a while, before grabbing some lunch in the Starbucks and catching the next bus home. Hopefully we'll make it to the fair next year, sounded like fun!

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