Sunday, 3 June 2012

Baltimore Part 4: Easter weekend

The first weekend I was in Baltimore just happened to be Easter weekend, and the weather was glorious. After exploring the northern and eastern parts of the Inner Harbour on my first day, on the second day we walked to Federal Hill on the southern part of the Inner Harbour.

On the way we came across some volleyball courts at the base of the hill which I thought was pretty cool!

The views from the top of Federal Hill are pretty cool, looking back across downtown:

And to Harbour East:

And past the American Visionary Arts Museum to Fells Point and Canton, and the Domino Sugars factory which can seen from everywhere!

Also a pretty good view of Johns Hopkins hospital, where N works:

Still happy to be reunited :)

Notice anything different about the flag?

On Easter Sunday we walked north for my first glimpse of Mount Vernon. Easter egg hunts in full swing:

Then we came home and I made hot (cross) buns! The monster rising...

Hard at work:

The finished product:

Yum yum!

The next installment coming soon!

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