Friday, 1 June 2012

Baltimore Part 3: The beginning

I've been having a hard time knowing where to start in telling you all about my time in Baltimore so far. I can't believe I've actually been here for two months already! Only one month until I go home! So I thought I would let my scrapbook, which is much more up to date than my blog, lead the way.

I flew out from Heathrow just before Easter, and the journey was incredibly smooth. My train was on time, my bus was on time, I had no problems going through security, and my flight was comfortable: good food, alright films. Mind you, eight hours is loooonnggg!!! I feel I have no right to say that after N flew to Australia recently, but still, for me an eight hour flight is four times longer than any flight I've taken before and it felt like a long time. By the time I was queuing at the American border I was tired (as far as I was concerned it was 1am, not 8pm!), hot and really needed to pee, and I was super-excited to see N in the arrivals hall. I knew it had all been too smooth to be true. And I was right. As soon as it became clear that I was staying for a full 90 days I was whisked away to a room to be quizzed about my intentions. Stress!

The weirdest thing was that the guy kept telling me not to worry, I hadn't done anything wrong. I was all like "Yes, I know I haven't done anything wrong, so why are you ruining my joyous arrival?!" Not that I said that out loud of course, but it was confusing. I understand though, most people don't have the luxury of a three month holiday half way around the world right! Anyway, it all turned out alright, he looked N up, and within a couple of minutes was off to the arrivals hall to quiz him too! So it wasn't too long before we were in the apartment, with me freaking out about being so far from home!

I got over that pretty quickly though, look at me the next day:

Happy! We went for a walk around the Inner Harbour in the early April sunshine. Busy, but lovely.

We also made my first visit to Barnes and Noble, an awesome bookshop situated in an old power station.

Tune in soon for the next installment!

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