Thursday, 7 June 2012

Baltimore Part 5: First week

Inevitably N had to go back to work during this week, but not before we'd had a classic American cultural experience: baseball!

To fuel ourselves for this experience we went out for Japanese for lunch in Mount Vernon. I enjoyed this tofu teriyaki with rice, incredibly tasty:

Then in the evening we headed to Camden Yards baseball stadium down the road (that's the great thing about living downtown, so many things are "down the road") to watch the Baltimore Orioles take on the New York Yankees. Excitement as the Orioles take to the pitch!

Some people:

The screen:

Pitcher warming up:

So what was the verdict? Well, if you choose cheap tickets you end up sitting very high up, and if it's still early April, no matter how gorgeous the weather was during the day, you're gonna get coooollldddd.

Turkey burgers are tasty.

Baseball is slow. It was fun though, but they hardly ever hit the ball, never mind run anywhere. The Orioles were winning by quite a long way when we left after 5 out of the 9 innings, which was pretty exciting. But we looked online and it turns out they lost eventually, shame! Also I'm glad we left when we did (around 9.30pm I think, after it started at 7, this is how long it takes), because if the score is equal after 9 innings they have to keep going, and on this occasion they got to something like 11 or 12 innings! Too cold to stay that late!

If you get cheap tickets you can see our apartment building from your seat!

Actually, I can't see the building in this photo any more, but I'm sure I could see it at the time!

Other exciting things this week included these beautiful flowers which N bought for my arrival and lasted ages:

And visiting Whole Foods, which has to the be the awesomest supermarket I have ever experienced! Shame it can be a little pricey:

In the next installment I find nature!

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