Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hot hot heat

I had an interesting first week of June. I experienced chatting with my Grandma on Skype for the first time (via my uncle and aunt) which was fun! I had an inspiring and uplifting meeting with a friend of one of N's colleagues in Cardiff who works at the University of Maryland. And I had my arm trapped in a revolving door by an Amazon delivery man when I helped him a catch a box that was falling and he continued through the door before I got my arm out!!!

That week was a scorcher (like this week, incidentally) and luckily I got added to the lease of our apartment which meant that I could get my pool pass. N and I tried out the pool, and man is the water cold! But once you're in it's pretty nice. I really wanted to go in today, especially as the temperature outside is currently 36C, but the pool has a leak so they've had to drain it!!!

Other exciting news from that week is that I finally joined the Enoch Pratt library, the central branch of which is less than a five minute walk from our back door! If you're interested in what I've been reading see my Goodreads page here.

At the weekend we continued our Friday dining fun by going to La Tasca for tapas. I was so excited by this that I forgot to take pictures of the food, but believe me, it was awesome! My first tastes of both chorizo and smoked salmon (which is sooooooooooo expensive over here!) since I left the UK were incredible! Lovely views to the left and forwards:

Saturday was a quiet one for me, as N went out to watch The Netherlands lose their first match of the Euro 2012 football tournament on one of his colleagues' tellies. It was too hot to do much anyway. On Sunday however, not that the high temperatures had abated, my wish for nature was fulfilled when we went out on the light rail to discover the Robert E Lee park. This is an area to the north of us with a big lake and lots of trees and grass, and we only covered less than half of it!

Can't wait to get home to the UK so I can spend more than an hour outside without feeling like I might collapse of heat exhaustion any minute!

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