Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dining in a thunderstorm

On the first weekend of June, N and I decided we would continue the fun Friday theme and eat out together on the Friday evening. However, what we weren't anticipating was the sheer volume of rain, thunder and lightning which would materialise during the course of the evening! However, scared of rain we are not, so armed with raincoats and brollies we ventured out anyway. I'm so glad we did, because even though we got rather soggy, we had a lovely evening at an Irish pub in the Inner Harbour. This is the view we enjoyed from said establishment:

And this is the food I enjoyed, chicken and shrimp with greens and the most amazing roast potatoes I have ever tasted! This meal was sooooo good!

Finished off with ginger and Guinness cake which was so amazing I even forgot to stop and take a photo! One thing I cannot believe is how warm the rain was! It felt tropical!

The following morning was a complete contrast, pleasant and sunny. We ventured down to a flea market at the American Visionary Arts Museum, hoping to pick up some bargains, but it turned out to be terrible, and full of stalls selling super-expensive art, not what one expects from a flea market.

We made a good morning of it though, taking a walk up Federal Hill, wandering around the souvenir shops in the Inner Harbour and making a visit to Barnes + Noble, as always (I seem to advertise that place a lot!). We ended up at the sushi place in the Inner Harbour again for lunch. This is the view from their terrace, as opposed to our view the previous evening:

We enjoyed some miso soup:

and N ordered these balls of octopus for me to try (edited to add that these are called takoyaki, thanks N!):

Very tasty, but look, I ate tentacle!

Bento boxes for the main course, nom nom nom

On Sunday morning we took a much more successful trip to a different market, having finally made it to Baltimore's main farmer's market. It is, as everything round here, just down the road from us, and I really wish we'd made it there sooner, it was great! So much bigger and busier than I was expecting!

We had a browse and bought some beverages, which we enjoyed while browsing a book stall at length, selling all books for only $2 each! We also came across a potter's stall selling some gorgeous mugs with bicycles and birds on, two of my favourite things. By the time we'd taken ten paces away we'd already decided we had to have them in our lives, so after buying a very tasty omelette we headed back and purchased the mugs. Look how pretty!

My most extravagant purchase in a long time, but totally worth it!

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