Monday, 18 June 2012

This post involves cheesecake

So, back to catching you up on what I've been doing with myself. We're still in May, and N's still in Australia for a few more days. The Sunday before he returned I took myself out for a relatively long walk along the water. But first I visited an event happening up the street called "Let's Eat Charles Street" where many of the local businesses, mainly restaurants, set up stalls outside for the day selling a selection of their wares. I picked up something tasty for lunch to enjoy when I reached my destination. While there I bumped into the Baltimore Orioles mascot:

By the time I reached Fell's Point, approximately the halfway point, I decided I was hot and hungry, and what better way to solve this issue, and still save my lunch for later, than picking up some Pitango Gelato for the road! Raspberry and bacio on this occasion, amazing!

I stopped for a while to watch the swallows swooping over the water. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to catch them in flight, but I did spot these beauties resting:

And happened upon some teeny weeny ducklings! So cute!

And just around the corner, some larger ones:

After about an hour I reached my goal, the waterside park at Canton:

Totally worth it, this was a little peaceful pocket of green and a perfect spot from which to enjoy my lunch. The view from my bench in the shade:

Lunch - pad thai!

The view across to Fort McHenry:

I enjoyed my food then meandered my way home to enjoy a well-deserved bath :)

Several days later N arrived home from Australia safe and sound. Obviously the best way to celebrate this was to take a trip to Barnes + Noble and then have Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for lunch! Chocolate raspberry truffle for her:

Key lime for him:

While N was still flying somewhere on his epic journey I had come across this Japanese ship which had just arrived in Fell's Point:

Complete with helicopters:

And sailors:

We looked it up online and found out they were doing free tours, so headed down there at the weekend to check it out. We were allowed to sit in the helicopter which was awesome!

Afterwards we headed off to find brunch, and ended up with the upstairs floor of The Point all to ourselves:

This omelette doesn't look all that appetising, but it was actually incredible!

Or course after that we needed dessert. Another Pitango Gelato trip! :D Mango and dark chocolate:

Never disappointed.

Turtles spotted!

The next day we were in need of a nature kick so jumped on the light rail and headed out to the Baltimore Highlands.






I couldn't resist taking a picture of this because it just looked so American to me!

Less photos next time!


  1. I enjoyed the photos - makes me smile to think you are at least enjoying the sun! One this Cheesecake factory the same as in Big Bang Theory? Who would have thought the USA had such good food!

    1. Hi Kan! Yes! It is indeed the same Cheesecake Factory, just no Penny unfortunately. I wish I could bring back some of their cheesecake for you guys because it is truly awesome!