Sunday, 10 June 2012

Baltimore Part 9: Birdwatching, flowers and shopping

The weekend after Privateer Day was also full of fun, but it seems I forgot to take any photos! On the Friday N's boss' wife took me shopping (thank you!) and I picked up some Levis jeans for $11!!! Bargainous or what?! Still amazed by this. I ate a giant salad-filled wrap for lunch, and then in the evening we all had Chinese together again. So maybe I should have bought those jeans in a size up...

Saturday saw a visit from one of N's friends from Washington DC, who he knows from their year in Japan. Coincidentally one of their other friends from that year lives in the same apartment complex as us, so we all met up and spent a fun day together. Starting in Barnes + Noble, as you do, we had sushi for lunch, then a walk up Federal Hill (although I missed this as I had to run home to change my shoes as my new ones didn't fit! :( ). Then we walked up to Mount Vernon and were very kindly treated to tea and dessert at a gorgeous bistro. We finished the day off in Brewers Art where the boys enjoyed some beer, before we walked N's friend back to the station. So it's a shame I failed to take photos that day, maybe I was distracted by my stupid shoes!

The following week N was off to Australia for a conference! But not before we'd arisen crazily early (ie. pre-6am) to go on a little pre-work birdwatching trip at Milford Mill, a little pocket of nature about a half hour walk from a Metro station.

You may ask why I was getting up so early to go birdwatching, but I think by the end of April I was already at the point of wanting to experience some nature whenever I could get it! And it was worth  it, I had fun :)

Look some trees what some birds were in!

They could see them anyway...

Pretty nature:

Time to go home. Wait for me!

A couple of days after N left I had my first interview. It went well, so I decided to treat myself to lunch at Mount Vernon's annual Flower Mart:

I picked up this tasty vegetable fried rice with chicken teriyaki which was extremely tasty, but needless to say it was huge I took some home!

Enjoyed while watching this high school band, who were very good, but unfortunately I can't remember their name.

And followed up with a traditional flower mart lemon stick:

The flowers were very pretty, and I even managed to find a house plant which is still alive 5 weeks later!

The following day I was taken on another shopping outing and was introduced to Michaels, which is an amazing craft store on the scale of a shop like PC World back home! So awesome! And then a fun afternoon playing with the cutest 18-month old, being buried in toys, meeting cats and dogs, and bathtime! So the fun didn't stop even though I couldn't make it to Aus :)

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