Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baltimore Part 7: Exploring Baltimore

My second full week in Baltimore was probably defined by exploring and finding my feet in the city. We took a walk to see City Hall, which amazingly I hadn't managed to find by myself. On the way we came across this unusual door:

And had a pretty good view of the Shot Tower:

Reminds me of Cardiff City Hall for some reason, maybe the dome?

War Memorial:

Funky horse:

Another day I took myself back up to Mount Vernon for some more exploring. Love this view of the Washington Monument through the trees:

And treeless:

Also in this week N took me up to Johns Hopkins Hospital to see where he works. Not many pictures because it was raining, but this is the view of downtown from the top:

Come back next time to read about ice cream and pirates!


  1. I think those doors might have been modeled after the baptistry doors in Florence. Not sure I've seen those ones in Baltimore before! Mel Edden xxx

    1. ooo that's interesting Mel! I can't actually remember where we saw it now, but it was somewhere between our apartment and City Hall!