Friday, 22 June 2012

Star-Spangled Sailabration

This weekend just gone saw the arrival of many ships to Baltimore's harbour in a celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the American declaration of war on Great Britain, in which Baltimore played a large part! If you're interested in the history/importance of this, read this article on the BBC news website from earlier this week.

But before I get to showing you hundreds of pictures of all the pretty boats I need to say a big fat CONGRATULATIONS to my little sister who found out last week that she got a 1st for her degree! Wooo! Go Tamz! So proud!

In other news last week, I was taken on a lovely trip to the mall to return the shoes I bought early on in my trip which turned out not to fit. The anti-shopping trip (turns out shopping is much more fun when you leave with more money than when you arrived!) was preceded by a fun time playing in the park with an adorable little girl (not a random girl, I did know her...) and completed with good chats over lunch. Funny story though, I got stuck in a gorgeous dress in the changing rooms of H+M, and was this close to having to ask the attendant for help! Thankfully I managed to save my dignity and wriggled out by myself, because that could have been super embarrassing!!! It was pretty hilarious though! Shame the dress didn't fit, it was only $7 in the sale, and so pretty.

On the Friday I was persuaded to accompany N into work to be a guinea pig for his experiment. I'm not going to talk about how fun it was, because I don't want to put off potential participants, but we did have a pretty fun morning after that! We went for a beverage (chai tea latte, yum!) and because it was a beautiful day, in contrast to last time I went over there, I took some better pictures of the view of downtown from up there.

And then I took a walk while N did some work, and took some photos of the pretty main hospital building, before we met up again to get Chinese food for lunch. Naughty but nice!

So, you're all waiting with bated breath to see these ships aren't you?! I thought so. Here's a Brazilian tall ship!

I went down to the Inner Harbour to check out what was there on the Thursday and caught part of the U.S Navy band during the opening ceremony.

After taking a walk up Federal Hill to see what I could see, I wandered around the rest of the Inner Harbour to have a closer look. Indonesian tall ship:

Ecuadorian tall ship:

U.S. Navy boats I think:

On the Saturday we met up with N's boss and his daughter (ie. the adorable little girl, see I do know her!) It was soooo incredibly busy down there so unfortunately we didn't brave any of the queues for the free ship tours. Still fun though and lots of cute pictures taken.

On Sunday we walked over to Fell's Point to see what was docked there, but it turned out not much other than this huge Canadian ship:

In a way the most boat-related fun was on Tuesday morning, when I went down to see what I could catch of the Parade of Departure. I walked over to Fell's Point and didn't see much of anything, but on my way back through the Inner Harbour I was lucky enough to see the Lady Maryland and Pride of Baltimore (I think) just heading off, and barges heading towards the Mexican tall ships, so I decided to stick around and I'm so glad I did.

The Pride of Baltimore gave me a shock with her first blast of the cannon!

Look at the crazy Mexican sailor dudes!

They stayed like that the whole time!

I was hoping they might let the sails down, but unfortunately not. Still cool though!

Oh and I saw some Canada goslings, awesome!

So now we're all caught up, I'm off to the Delmarva Peninsula for the weekend! Looking forward to telling you all about it when I get back!

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