Sunday, 30 June 2013

Meanwhile, back in Baltimore... seems that summer has started, and with it festivals, BBQs and heat galore!

We checked out the Charles Village festival with some of N's colleagues

Attended a leaving do BBQ for one of N's colleagues at Rocks State Park which was a pretty cool day. I got to do some driving, from which I'd been having withdrawal symptoms after the road trip! And of course it was awesome to spend a day in nature for a change, climbing rocks (yes, the park is imaginatively named) and going on a hike before enjoying some awesome food.

One Saturday after getting some food from the Let's Eat Charles Street festival, which closed off the block right by our apartment, we stuck around in Mount Vernon to watch the Pride Parade. Needless to say that was a fun experience!

We went out for crabs with N's colleagues:

We played in the fountains in the Inner Harbour (shame you need to be with a child to get away with that!)

And then yesterday we booked a car and went to the H-mart for Asian food, mainly because our grocery store stopped selling noodles, but also because of all this other awesome stuff! Topped off by finally trying out the incredible Vietnamese place around the corner from us!

And we took advantage of being near Patapsco Valley State Park to go for a very hot hike. Been exhausted from all that sunshine for the rest of the weekend!

Other happenings since coming home from my trip have involved meeting N for lunch at the B&O Brasserie on a work day (in itself a novel experience) to go for a soft shell crab BLT, essentially a whole, fried crab in a sandwich!

Lots of Farmer's Market trips, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat strawberries from the supermarket again!

Had an English ladys' night at an Irish pub eating fish + chips with our new friend that we met in the park :) and met said new friend for a walk with her dog in Harbour East.

Celebrated our minus one year wedding anniversary with a meal at a lovely Italian restaurant, Sotto Sopra in Mount Vernon. I had incredible lobster ravioli!

Tried to make marshmallows, didn't turn out so well...

Re-watched the final episode of series 2 of Doctor Who, still makes me weep apparently.

Had an interesting evening when water started coming through our A/C!

And drinks on the terrace of an Irish pub for a Friday.

So actually lots going on here!

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