Sunday, 16 June 2013

Road Trip - Baltimore to Big Meadows

So it's back to the journal for the story of the road trip, enjoy!

Day 1 - Thursday 16th May - Baltimore to Big Meadows

Up bright and early, dragged everything, including a tray of water, to the Sheraton to pick up our car. Strong arms required!

Lovely lady at Avis, from Virginia Beach, gave us a "grey"car (it's white), persuaded me to buy insurance, and didn't have a full tank of gas like I requested. Oh and upgraded to a bigger car because she didn't have any smaller ones :S

All OK though, we loved our white Chevy Cruze! Driving is fun. Getting past DC was busy though.

Stopped at rest stop in VA, saw some of the cicadas!!! Gross and amazing!

Stopped at weird strip mall, no car adapter for music at Target so walked even further across massive parking lot, very hot, and found one in Five Below, cheapy! Got iced beverages at Starbucks. Got back to car to find it had a headphone jack after all so we didn't even need to go find the adapter! Got some tunes on!

Made it to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park! So beautiful! Stopped at lots of outlooks, a rest stop where we found some walking pamphlets at mile 4, found food at mile 24.

Made it to Big Meadows campsite around 4, pitched tent in 8 minutes flat, then went out to hike to Rose River Falls. Very hot and sweaty! Saw a chipmunk :D And thankfully no bears, which is obviously down to all the talking and clapping...

Back to Big Meadows Lodge for dinner, hilarious experience! Big wooden dining room, served by a rather scary waiter who may or may not have taken a bite out of our Oreo cheesecake! Had to send pot roast + Tamzy's mushroom polenta thingy back for being too cold.

Chilled out in the Great Room for a while, amazing sunset!

Checked out entertainment down in the Tap Room, interesting renditions of Pink Floyd and David Bowie, all to the same tune!