Sunday, 16 June 2013

Road Trip - Wilmington to Charleston

Day 5 - Monday 20th May - Wilmington to Charleston

Up, showered and left KOA by 8.30, Tamzy did a very good job of getting the tent down before a massive amount of rain came down.

Stopped off at Myrtle Beach, even more bizarre than Ocean City. Wandered around a bit, nice to see the sea, eventually found some terrible hot beverages and left again just before a massive amount of rain hit.

Spent most of the day on the 17 which felt like one long strip mall most of the time.

Drove through a terrifying storm, could barely see but got through it!

Made it to Charleston around 2.30, got the tent up straight away and it was dry! Ate a picnic lunch then headed into Charleston.

Parked at visitor centre and jumped on free trolley, wandered through market then went to find Rainbow Row, such beautiful houses! Walked back along the waterfront, through the park, sat on a pier then through French Quarter. We both want to live here! Feels like a completely other country though! And accent has definitely changed.

Lots of bike perving today!

Looked in some shops including Life Is Good and a hot sauce shop!

Went in search of dinner, found Toast, local cuisine, I had pecan crusted chicken with house made BBQ sauce, sweet potato fries and collard greens :-) Tamzy had a classic: shrimp + grits.

Back to tent to fight off mozzies!

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