Sunday, 16 June 2013

Road Trip - final day in New Orleans

Day 9 - Friday 24th May - New Orleans

Slept really well, but woke up too early, stupid body still on Eastern time!

Diner for breakfast, poor service, massive pancake not cooked through, won't be going back!

Went out into hot muggy weather. Found post office but no international stamps. Tried to walk to garden district but too far. Got streetcar instead.

Wandered around some pretty houses and found a cemetery, very interesting above ground graves/tombs. Lizards roaming the streets! Got too hot so stopped at Starbucks for OJ and iced chai before heading to the Magazine Street shops - shop full of reused items including beautifully bound notebooks made of scrap card, for $54! Estate sale/antique store, record store and needlework store.

Headed back to Canal Street and changed trams to go to City Park. Too hot, nowhere to eat and too far to real bit of park so saw the Pavilion of Two Sisters and the museum sculpture garden then headed back to streetcar.

Very late lunch of shrimp po boy at a cafe on the corner of Jackson Square, followed by beignets and sweet tea. 

Wandered to Louis Armstrong Park again, but no music today so sat a bit then walked back. Sat in Jackson Square for a while but couldn't stand terrible pipe music. Never found the perpetrator though! Sat by the Market Cafe for a bit instead.
Got pre-dinner drinks and then dinner of jambalaya. Went to Preservation Hall and saw some amazing jazz!

And so ends my road trip journal! The following day we went back to the Beignet Cafe for an amazing breakfast of waffles, then I had to say my goodbyes to my sister (who was off on the next leg of her trip, from New Orleans to San Francisco!) and head to the airport. It was nice to be home though, although I can't believe how fast the time has gone since I got back now!

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