Sunday, 16 June 2013

Road Trip - Charleston to Savannah

Day 6 - Tuesday 21st May - Charleston to Savannah

Slept well again, but again had to quickly get tent down and pack it wet before it started to chuck down!

Headed back to Charleston for a tour of the bakeries in the pouring rain! First walked from visitor centre to Wild Flour for chai, then past Sugar Bakehouse which was closed. Hopped on a free shuttle back to visitor centre to visit Glaze, a doughnut store where we got an orange and pistachio doughnut, so tasty! 

Then the Macaroon Boutique, but that was closed :-( after a souvenir visit to visitor centre store got on another shuttle to The Bakehouse, which sold amazing homemade marshmallow for 50c! 

Waited for the circulator around the corner but realised we could fill our water from the fountain on the pier, saw a heron and a skimmer, then managed to get a free swing so hung out there for a while. 

Another trolley to Whisk for quiche and free coffee. 

Then yet another back to the Macaroon Boutique which was now open! Fun filling morning, still got lots left!

Onwards to Savannah, more crazy rain. Stopped at an old plantation for restrooms and to use a picnic table to eat our quiche for lunch. Rather bizarre!

Another beautiful campsite at Skidaway Island, got tent up and dry and headed back to Savannah.

Walked around a lot, found Juliette Gordon Low's birthplace, lots of pretty squares, the waterfront with a waving lady and Olympic flame. Different to expected, more touristy but not like Charleston, very expensive restaurants, looked for ages before finding Moon River, local brewery and food, served by Devon who had an ex from Wigan! Ate an amazing pulled pork wrap. Apparently one of the most haunted buildings in town (which is saying something!), filming with Ghost Hunters next month!

Back at tent now, hoping for a dry night!

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