Sunday, 16 June 2013

Washington DC Cycle Chic Style!

Now I promise that after this I will get to the road trip, but first I have to tell you about the wonderful day we spent in Washington DC. Traditionally a day spent showing someone around the capital of the US involves a LOT of walking, but we decided to rent bikes which turned out to be the best idea ever! It was so much fun and we were able to see so much more with the one day available to us. Obviously I've already seen all of the monuments before, and by cycling Tamz and I managed to see most of them by lunchtime.

This allowed us time to cycle along the Potomac to Georgetown which had been recommended to me as a cool place to wander around, with a canal and quaint houses. We found a lovely French patisserie in which to have baguettes for lunch, and a sneaky pastry saved for later. And found a cool spice and tea store where I could have spent all day!

After cycling back down to the Mall we had our requisite viewing of the White House before going in search of the old Post Office tower which is currently the highest viewing point in the city while the Washington Monument is undergoing repairs from an earthquake about 18 months ago.

Then we just had time to have a look at the original Star-Spangled Banner in the American History Museum, very appropriate given our trip to Fort McHenry the previous day, which is the first place this flag was flown.

Awesome day! :D

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