Sunday, 22 September 2013

All summered out!

I guess I totally failed at keeping you all updated over the summer then? Oh well! I saw a lot of you a couple of weeks ago anyway, so you're all caught up! For the rest of you, I don't think you missed much. Although my reasoning for not blogging much is that we were busy. So, erm, here's your summer update : Baltimore got hot, then it got hotter, and then it got more hot again. We played outside, until it was too hot, then we came indoors. N baked a lot, I ate a lot. We both had birthdays, they were fun. Then I went to the UK for a whirlwind two weeks, and the Netherlands for a relaxed couple of days. I came home for a week during which time two of N's friends came to stay, and then after a week N went to Europe for two weeks. Yes, good timing there! Now he is home and all is right with the world.

So here's the exciting bit: I became a Girl Scout troop leader on Thursday! And like, not just an assistant leader, but actually in charge! Which wasn't supposed to happen, but did... So there we are, now I have to learn how Girl Scouts works. Specifically Cadettes (7th grade, 12-13 yrs old). If anyone out there would like to help me out with that I would greatly appreciate it! I'm excited! We get to start selling cookies soon, so we're probably going to start out doing some badges related to business plans and marketing, which is more fun than it sounds!

In other recent news I did some baking this weekend, before N could come home to start once again doing so much baking that there's already too much food to eat so I can't bake anything. This afternoon I made these tasty cheese scones which we had warm for lunch/afternoon tea:

And yesterday I made these biscuits, which are essentially jammie dodgers, but waaayyy better, if I do say so myself! :D

And for dinner just now I made toad-in-the-hole with butternut squash chips, which I didn't take photos of but was sooooo yummy!

So I think you're all caught up! If you want a more detailed post/photos on any of the above please get in touch in the comments and let me know! In fact, if you're reading this, please leave me a comment to say hi and let me know how you're doing. The reason I write this blog is to keep everyone back home in the UK updated as to what we're up to out here in Baltimore without having to tell the same story over and over again. Which is maybe incredibly selfish and lazy of me, but it doesn't mean I don't want to hear how you are and what you're up to too! It's no secret that while I'm happy and making the best of life here, I'm also homesick and lonely and I miss my family and friends all the time so, please, just take a moment to say hello! And that includes anyone reading this who I don't know already, I'm always up for making new friends!

So there, rant over! I'm off to make a cup of tea and prepare myself for another fun week in the lab!


  1. I'll make a start then:) Hello! I am fine! I just got back to the US! Love reading the blog.

  2. Hiiiii Gem! Those scones look absolutely delicious! Where did you get the recipe from? Is Nick back to taking over the kitchen now?! Feel free to post any leftovers to the UK, his baking sounds pretty impressive. Plus, very impressed by the jammie dodgers. Is there a dip in the middle for jam? Have you been watching the great British bake off on iplayer? I'm addicted. Between that and your baking photos in a little inspired right now. Was fabulous seeing you last month for fun lemon times. Can't wait till the next time! Xx

  3. P.s. I forgot to say congratulations on becoming a girl scout troop leader! That must be pretty exciting, I'm sure you're going to do a fabulous job :)

  4. Hello, thank you for the updates. The scones look amazing, I could eat one if then right now as I haven't had breakfast yet.
    Is it still really hot there? We were supposedly having an Indian summer today but its raining...
    As you know I an very excited about your new girl scout troop. How many of them are there? I hope they were nice to you. We've got our first guide meeting of the new unit tonight, so maybe we'll have to be penpals, although all of ours are a bit younger. Hopefully speak to you next weekend
    Emma x