Monday, 27 May 2013

New York City - Day 1

Those of you who know me well will already be aware that my absence this month has actually been for a very good reason - my little sister came from the UK to visit me for a whole three weeks! As well as staying with N & I here in Baltimore, we took a couple of awesome trips together which I would like to tell you all about in a series of blog posts. I'm planning to pretty much just cut and paste from the journal I was writing while I was away. We started off in New York on Friday 3rd May, so here goes, enjoy!

Day 1 - Friday 3rd May

Woke up at 6.10 to go to the bathroom and decided to put WiFi on and check email before going back to
sleep, only to end up getting up: Tamzy's flight was delayed for 3.5 hours, meaning she missed her connection and wasn't going to arrive in NYC until 10 pm, five hours late! So I got up to see if I could get a later bus, but in the end decided to get my original bus anyway.

Bus was good but full of French school kids! Listened to lots of music. Stopped at a rest stop in New Jersey so I got an extra state!

First views of new York skyline very surreal! Getting off the bus very overwhelming, so busy with traffic and people! Went to Macy's for restrooms, awful place! Tried to find a recommended food truck but failed so walked back and ended up with salad sat in a little square.

First glimpse

Found hostel easily, friendly staff and nice and clean. Has WiFi! Spending some time chilling before going back out, don't know what to do! Tamzy should be landing soon if on time, but instead I have to wait five hours! Will go to Grand Central to catch bus to airport at 8, but still have three hours to fill...

So I waited an extra 40 or so minutes at the hostel until I knew Tamzy had landed then went out, first to Starbucks for a chai latte, then wandering 5th avenue in circles for a while trying to find the Girl Scouts headquarters. I eventually found it after I stopped looking, typical! Then I wandered past the public library, had some cool views of the Chrysler building, and checked out Grand Central station, which is nowhere near as grand as I expected! Found the airport shuttle stop then went back to a Panera on 5th for pasta and salad. 

Got on the bus for La Guardia around 8.30pm, thinking I'd seen on the website that it took an hour. No way, it took a maximum of 25 minutes, meaning I was here before Tamzy even left Philly. Stoopid!

Tamzy arrived safely, so exciting! We got bus back to city, checked her in to hostel and went downstairs to drink tea and chat about plans. Excited for first proper day tomorrow!

Stay tuned for the next installment!

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