Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New York City - Day 2

Day 2 - Saturday 4th May

Got some interrupted sleep, ear plugs were awesome! Shared room with two nice girls who unfortunately left. Went out around nine, got bagels and started seeing the sights around the hostel: Empire State, Chrysler, Grand Central. Ate bagels outside library before going in. Got tickets for Top of the Rock at sunset. Went in Tiffany's! and Bloomingdales, not worth it!

Got lunch from Whole Foods salad bar, and much needed chai. Ate in Central Park, amazing. Nice weather, bit chilly though.

Went to natural history, pretty awesome, Tamzy loved it!

Got more tea and went back to park. Did some relaxation on a rock! Tried to find non- existent carousel! (NB. I have now discovered that the carousel does actually exist!) Then desperate to pee got stuck in The Ramble! Did see Belvedere Castle though.

Made it to The Rock in time for our slot, amazing views of Manhattan in time for sunset. Got cold waiting for complete darkness but so worth it!

Found very late dinner at ramen place near hostel (mochi green tea ice cream!)

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