Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New York City - Day 3

Day 3 - Sunday 5th May

Slept so much better! Slow start to morning but still out before ten, bit chilly! Met a guy trying to sell tickets to the Empire State Building who tried to speak British "street" and then proceeded to inform us that Baltimore is otherwise known as "Bodymore." Quite.

Saw flat iron building, very cool!

Walked about half of the Chelsea High Line, awesome linear park on a derelict elevated railway.

Had an amazing brunch in Greenwich Village, involving Earl Grey and Belgian waffle with yogurt, berries, almonds and honey, at the Bus Stop Cafe.

Explored the Village, starting with the Friends house! 

Lots of bicycle perving and incredibly cute dogs, awesome bookstores (a whole shop dedicated to secondhand cookbooks!) and stationers and chemist, cobbled streets and Washington Mews, finishing up in Washington Square Park.

Got the L line subway to Williamsburg. Found bagels and chai, did some people watching on a bench. Wandered around some quaint shops (the cheese store has loads of English stuff like digestives and black treacle!) then hung out at the park watching people playing a kick ball tournament!

Found a really cool bar for a drink then pan-Asian vegan restaurant for dinner, very tasty! Then subway back to Manhattan.

Went back to hostel for warm clothes and decided it was too early for bed so went to check out Times Square! So crazy!

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