Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring has finally sprung!

I had such a lovely morning today. The uncomfortable muggy weather of the past few days broke last night to leave us with a beautiful fresh sunny spring day today. But first to share a couple of random tidbits from earlier in the month.

Firstly, I finally got my act together in applying to volunteer for Girl Scouts! Now just waiting to hear if they've found a troop for me to help with!

Then last weekend was one of the few that N has been home recently. We celebrated with sushi :)

So today N is away again, but I got to go to Patterson Park with my favourite little girl and her mummy, which was lovely in the sunshine. We were headed to Fort McHenry but were thwarted by some kind of crazy running people. But I reckon it was fate because we met a lovely fellow Englishwoman when asking if we could meet her dog (you can get away with that kind of behaviour when in the company of a two-year old apparently!), who lives nearby, and we're going to meet up again! Always exciting to meet people from home!

We looked at the pretty flowers:

Fed the ducks:

And played in the playground, before going for pizza. Awesome morning!

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