Friday, 27 December 2013

Gemswirls 2013 recap: March - April

N was away either in Europe or Salt Lake City for most of March & April so it was a relatively quiet time, but we/I still managed to fit in some fun times. This post gives a pretty good update of how my March went by, quite heavily food related as usual. And our nephew was born which was exciting, although still sad that we can't be there to spend more time with him.

Easter happened, obviously a perfect occasion for more baking.

The following weekend saw me commuting to Washington, DC for a massive cancer research conference, where I also managed to fit in some cherry blossom sightseeing.

Apparently I was super excited about spring coming, which is funny because right now I'm still enjoying the colder weather a little. Although I'm sure by the end of January I'll be singing a different tune!

Otherwise not much more to say about these lovely spring months, apparently I did a pretty good job of blogging about them! I spent most of the rest of the time working or planning for my sister arriving in May!

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