Sunday, 9 September 2012

First week at work: survived!

Hi there friends!

Just a quick post to let y'all know that not only did I survive my first week of work, but I enjoyed it too! Only 4 days due to Labour Day on Monday, my boss is still on holiday until tomorrow, so no lab work as yet, but I did enjoy settling in. I did a lot of reading, getting me really excited about the research, and a lot of paperwork. I now have a university email address (please ask me for it if you would like to contact me on work-related matters), and a key, how privileged I feel! I also have a bank account to fill with money when I eventually get paid! :D But no ID as yet, because you need a social security number to get one, and you can't get one of them until you've been in the country for ten days. Nothing's ever easy...

A beautiful Friday evening in Baltimore

We have had a nice easy weekend however. Dinner at the Irish pub again on Friday. I couldn't resist having the same chicken and prawn dish again because I drool every time I see the picture from last time! Thankfully it totally lived up to expectations :D

While there we were lucky enough to witness an impromptu dance-off! Awesome!

On Saturday we took a walk over to Fells Point and took in some dragon-boat racing on the way home.

Saturday also involved pizza and Doctor Who (I think a certain Panda Lemon would approve of this Saturday evening combo, no?).

And today was chilled with Farmers Market for fresh bread, cleaning and grocery shopping, in between some serious chillaxing, and eating an amazing fish dish cooked by my amazing chef of a fiance :D

Excited for my second week!


  1. I do indeed approve and while you were having a meal inspired by me, I was being fed kedgeree!
    Also, I like my new name, Panda Lemon. Maybe I should change my name to it?

    1. ah kedgeree, I do miss kedgeree. I think the first think I'll do when I get paid is buy smoked salmon so I can make some
      Glad you like your name! I'm never sure if people will mind me referring to them in my blog by their real name, so I tend to just describe their relationship to me! But I figured seeing as you already have a nickname and an alternative surname I should use them :D x

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying the job, hope you enjoy the lab work just as much when you get started! The kedgeree went mostly well, although I think I boiled it too ferociously to start with as by the time I started the 'simmering' process all the water had gone! Anyway, Panda liked it so I feel that's a result!

    1. Oh good, glad to know the kedgeree went down well! Yeah the boiling bit is a delicate process, and it's different in every different pan and on every different hob. You can always add more water though :) x