Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hey look, a new post!

Hi there friends! So I've been trying to write you all a long post, with pictures, about all the fun things I got up to this August, but blogger has been slow and delayed me every time I've tried, which in fairness is very few times, because lab times are tough at the moment: only 3 weeks to go until I leave Cardiff!

So in the meantime, while I'm trying to finish said fun post, here is a post about this:

N and I went to the official presentation of my Queen's Guide Award on Friday, which was super exciting! It's the highest award you can obtain in Guiding in the UK, and I finally finished in January, after four years and three months of hard work and setbacks (to any Guidey types reading, this does include a 12 month break and a 3 month extension for personal reasons, I did actually finish it within the 3 years), so it was really special to finally get the actual award.

It was presented by this lady:

The new Chief Guide, Gill Slocombe! I was overly excited by this (can you tell by the crazy look in my eyes?) The best thing of all is that she is soooooo super lovely! We had a nice long chat with her afterwards and she is so genuine and obviously cares about the future of the organisation >> happy Gem :D

So look out for tales of summer fun soon, and I guess more Baltimore news at some point (although there's really not as much to tell as I thought there might be!)


  1. I like this very very much. Very proud of you finishing it and being an official Queen's Guide woo! x

  2. Woo! So proud of you and so pleased you got to go to your ceremony! :D

  3. N looks like he's about to weep with pride ha