Sunday, 7 August 2011

Let's start at the very beginning...'s a very good place to start!

So, in April 2011 my amazing boyfriend (let's call him "N") had an interview for a job across the pond, in the almighty USofA. In early July we finally found out that he'd got the job and, not being one to turn down a good adventure, I agreed to join him there! N is due to submit his PhD at the end of September and start his job in Baltimore in the middle of October. I'm a bit slow. I'm currently trying to finish my experiments in the lab and after we've moved out of our house in Cardiff I will be heading back to my step-dad's place in Dorset to write my thesis, hopefully by Christmas, with a view to joining N in Baltimore in the new year. Exciting stuff right?!

But also rather terrifying...

Which leads me on to the purpoise purpose (that was a genuine typo, awesome!) of this blog. Firstly, lots of people have been asking me questions about how it's all going, and much as I love telling everyone about our upcoming adventure, it does get tiring telling the same story over and over again. So it's mainly to keep my family, friends and anyone else out there who's interested in the loop. Secondly, trying to finish my PhD, move out of our house and move to another country is taking up rather a lot of room in my head, so I thought it might be helpful to get it out of there and into the real world... So let's see how it goes!

So things you should probably know: I use exclamation marks, A LOT! So please comment and let me know if it's too much. And I will probably end up writing about random stuff other than the move, gotta keep y'all interested y'know (oh my, I'm already turning into an American, eeks!)

Like now...

In other news, we've been eating sushi this evening:

 In our favourite sushi restaurant in Cardiff, Tenkaichi, on City Road. So awesome! I had some stir-fry veggies and lots of nigiri, while N also had ebi katsu (big prawns in breadcrumbs) and vegetable tempura.

We also tried this spider maki:

Weird, but pretty tasty, salty crab!

Sushi is gooooddd :D


  1. Yay for the new blog, well done! And I am pleased to see that "food" has already got it's own tag as that is always an important part of life that needs to be shared with everyone!
    Not sure how else to post comments other than using my Rainbow Google account, but I'm sure you know who I am!

  2. mmm so can you only comment if you have a google account? I'll have to look into that... Otherwise Panda, maybe it's time you finally got yourself a personal gmail :P

  3. Hello there Gems Swirls...happy Friday to you!! Exciting blog times, I look forward to reading your updates and can report that you didn't overuse the ! mark in this entry. I'm loving the fact you can cross out typos too, that made me smile :-)
    Toodles noodles xx