Sunday, 6 April 2014

March 2014 - Winter goes on... and on... and on...

March was a pretty quiet month, characterised by the remains of what felt like a never-ending winter, not helped by the clocks going back way too early meaning that we went from it starting to get light when the alarm went off, to getting up in the dark again. But that's past now :)

We started out with an ice-skating trip with the Hopkins Postdoc association at Patterson Park. It took me a while to find my feet after a few years of not skating, but it was so much fun! N meanwhile was just an orange blur speeding round and round the rink.

We followed this up with a trip out to Catonsville for a leaving meal for one of N's colleagues at the best Chinese restaurant ever! Apparently it was very authentic, and the two Chinese people in attendance made excellent choices for us!

And of course we couldn't start March without Welsh cakes to celebrate St David's Day.

Pancake Day saw us at N's boss' house for a traditional English-style celebration, complete with lemon and sugar :) I even flipped one for the first time!

The night before the clocks went back we headed north-east to try out the Hamilton Tavern with some friends, to try out the reportedly awesome burgers. We turned up with seven of us on a Saturday night to this tiny, popular bar which doesn't take reservations, so needless to say we had a bit of a wait! It was fine though because the atmosphere and the company were great. Although unfortunately the food did not turn out to be worth the wait

Probably the defining theme of March was wedding planning! With only three months to go things really stepped up a notch (I must admit to getting a little stressed for a minute there) and we got a lot of stuff sorted. My dress arrived and I've already had two fittings, I bought shoes, we got our rings, and made lots of other decisions too. It's all getting very exciting now!!!

What with the dress picking-up and fittings I did a above average amount of driving in March, including a trip out to Roland Park to try the brunch at Johnny's Downstairs. It was sooooooo good! I had a chai latte that was so good I practically downed it, and gobbled up my omelette before everyone else had barely even started!

That day was book-ended by fun meals with friends (we won't mention the hour and twenty minutes I waited for a bus in between...), as we headed back to N's boss' house for a dinner party to celebrate his promotion to associate professor! Congrats Dr Edden!

Shortly after this N headed off to Berlin for a conference but was back within a week. In the meantime I went to the roller derby to watch the Charm City Roller Girls compete in their home league, again a Postdoc Association event, which as always was a lot of fun.

Oh and a couple of sweet treats courtesy of my awesome colleagues this month. Firstly I finally tried the legendary holiday treat, Peeps. Very intriguing, basically scary marshmallow shapes covered in coloured sugar. And a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for St Patrick's Day, so cool!

And that was March. Obviously with a hefty amount of work thrown in there too :)

How was your March? Was it still winter where you are, or have you been enjoying some beautiful spring weather? Surprise snail mail for anyone who leaves a comment below! :D

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