Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas in Baltimore 2012, Part 2: Christmas!

I had a lovely Christmas this year, in no small part to the wonderful Mr (Dr!) N. Thank yoooouuuuu :D

Let's rejoin the story on Christmas Eve. My family don't really have any Christmas Eve traditions, apart from hanging our stockings. It often involves a takeaway and a Christmas film. N and I decided we would have a Christmas Eve buffet, with cheese and crackers, veg and dips, and some baked goods. It was very tasty and I was pretty excited to have some British cheeses on the table, including some Wensleydale with cranberries picked up in Whole Foods, and Stilton with something which we found in our supermarket downstairs. Oh my gosh I nearly forgot to tell you about N's homemade stollen which was INCREDIBLE! He even made the almond paste in the middle from scratch. So good!

We enjoyed watching Bad Santa with our meal, and then before rolling into bed we hung our brand new America stockings above the "fireplace" (I never thought that stupid old television in the corner would come in useful, turns out I was totally wrong!)

Despite our trip across the pond, I am happy to report that Santa was able to find us! Look at all the cool stuff we got in our stockings. Totally spoilt before we even started on the pressies under the tree!

Our day very much revolved around food, so excuse me for reporting everything we ate! Breakfast was a simple affair including grapefruit, croissants and cinnamon buns.

Then we got started on the pressies! Look how much for just two people!

Thank you everyone!

For me the day was fairly relaxed, but N spent most of it in the kitchen whipping up a five course feast! I tried to refrain from snacking in the morning, and was rewarded in the early afternoon with an amuse bouche of crab and avocado bruschetta which was a great combination of tastes that I can actually see becoming a lunchtime favourite around here. This was followed in not too long by our official starter of smoked salmon and beetroot with vodka creme. Another great flavour combo which also looked awesome.

Soup course was a (thicker than expected) pea and mint soup. Also very tasty and fresh.

Then in mid-afternoon came the piece de resistance, N's pork wellington, with roasties, parsnips, caramelised carrots, sprouts with chestnuts, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. I LOVED this meal! I have one clever N :D

It took a few hours before we were ready for my showstopper of the day, a pavlova wreath. Made the previous day and assembled with cream, chocolate sauce and raspberries before eating (/photographing). Yummy stuff if I do say so myself, and enjoyed over the best Christmas episode of Doctor Who in a long time. Can't wait for the new series!

And that was that, a fun, filling and fantastic Christmas Day. I would tell you about our Boxing Day, but I was stupid and left my camera behind at our friends' apartment. So you can hear about that another time. And now for a few days of chillaxing before bringing on 2013! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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