Friday, 11 May 2012

Baltimore Part 1: Apartment Tour

Welll helllooo there!

Yes, yes, I know, it's been months. Two and a half months if we're going to be picky about it. And sooooo much has happened in that time. In March I did have a good excuse. I was just so busy I didn't have time to write. But to be honest since then I have had no excuses, except that I just didn't know where to start!

Let's summarise, and maybe at some point, if you're good, I'll expand on the subjects:

  • In the middle of March I took a swift tour of the UK
  • On 21st March I became a doctor!
  • At the beginning of April I came to Baltimore, MD, USA!

I have now been in Baltimore for 36 days (that's reassuring actually, I still have 52 days until I go home, so it's not going too fast. Apparently three months is a long time!)

So I thought I would start simply with a tour of our apartment, located in the heart of downtown Baltimore. I really love it. It's lovely and spacious without being way too big for us like our house in Cardiff (which although I also loved I could never be bothered to clean due to its size and copious amounts of excess stuff, largely - or entirely? - my fault. I'll say one thing for going abroad, it definitely forces you to leave your clutter behind!) 

Let's start the tour with the living room. Yes we are lacking in a sofa, the one big thing left on the list I think (unfortunately America doesn't do furnished apartments...):

The living room and dining room are open plan, and there's a breakfast bar into the kitchen which is great:

The kitchen isn't huge, but the appliances are! I'm not sure if you can really tell from the photo, but the oven and sink (and fridge which you can't see) are ginormous!

The bathroom is a bathroom, but you know, I didn't want to miss anything out (except the hallway, which isn't very interesting. Yes, even less interesting than the bathroom!)

The bedroom is soooo huge considering we have no furniture except for a futon matress (kindly donated by Richard and Mel, thanks guys! It really is very comfortable!), and therefore isn't really very interesting either:

But the best part of the whole apartment is this little pocket of genius:

WALK-IN WARDROBE!!! Surely every girl's dream!

So that's it, our lovely little apartment, I hope you like it! A few people were asking for pictures of the view out of the window, so you can see them here (if you're friends with me on Facebook!)


  1. Very nice Gem, I particularly approve of the walk-in wardrobe!!! xx

  2. Originally unfurnished? At least that means an excuse to IKEA!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately that's the norm here. I think I might have missed out on Ikea fun, we don't really need anything else, other than the sofa x