Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011 Part 1 - The Proposal

So I realise that I still didn't post about when N left for Baltimore. Well, it looked something like this:

But seven weeks later, on 15th December, he came back again! YAYS! :D

And two days later, my finger was adorned with significantly more bling than before... :D Looky!

Yeah, yeah, alright, alright, I hear ya, you wanna hear the whole story right? Well it goes a little something like this...

Obviously we knew N was coming back to Europe for Christmas, and so we arranged to have a day out while he was back, just the two of us, for some qualidee time, to catch up. N said he would like to see the sea, so (bearing in mind I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what N had up his sleeve) I suggested we go for a nice longish walk up to the top of Golden Cap, which was something I'd been wanting to do for a while. It is apparently the highest point on the south coast, and I spent many a lesson staring at its peak from the classroom window, never knowing that such a significant moment in my life would occur there! Imagine what 14 year-old me would say if you went up to her and said "Ten years from now the love of your life is going to propose to you up there!"

The view of Golden Cap from Stonebarrow car park

I drove us up to the car park, and expecting mud and chilly winds rather than diamonds, donned my filthy wellies and naff fleece before we headed up to the top. It was just as lovely as I expected, with views like this towards Seatown and Weymouth:

And views like this back towards Lyme:

Blissfully unaware of the imminent life-changing event, in my wellies

After a few minutes, which included more than a few failed stretchy-outty photos, I declared myself cold (I rather sensibly removed a layer on the way up when I got too warm, obviously not expecting to be forced to spend more time at the top than was absolutely necessary) and suggested to made our way back down. But N said casually, "I just want to walk over there a bit" so I dutifully followed him over there a bit. It all becomes a bit hazy after this... So, suffice to say, N asked me to marry him, and through my shock and cold I managed to pull myself together enough to say yes! And here's me wearing the ring to prove it:

Of course being totally cool we went for afternoon tea afterwards rather than cracking open the champagne, although I was forced to have a sip of champagne later on, and it was not pretty.

I get to marry this guy! :D

So, to summarise, WE'RE ENGAGED!!! :D :D :D


  1. Eeeeekkkkkkyyyyy (excited noise again) the ring is beautiful (nice work 'N'!)
    I love the wellies and naff fleece part, and the views from the top, the afternoon tea bit, and the 14yr old you part. Ahhh, I love the whole story! Much love 'Y' xxx

  2. Yaaayy!!! Happy times!
    I love the idea of telling 14 year old you what would happen. It's strange how life works. xxxxxx

  3. Hi Hanski! Yeah, it's really weird isn't it! I do wonder what I would've said, probably just stared... xxx